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A new comic idea... anyone interested?



Adam is a twenty-year-old American Boy. He’s gorgeous, smart, talkative and generous. People trust him, respect him, love him and understand him. He’s basically perfect! But he has one small problem…

… He’s just predicted the end of the world.


Adam’s perfect life is turned upside down when he has a vivid dream about the end of the world, and then a mysterious meeting with someone Adam believes to be God. A busy and reckless ‘God’ tells Adam that Earth’s time is up, and that in 72 days it will be ‘turned off like a light switch’ to save energy in the Universe.

The man gives Adam the responsibility of letting everyone know, turning Adam’s once simplistic, perfect world upside down.

In the 72 days, Adam gets himself into many difficult situations. The dream is so powerful and true that Adam completely believes that the world will end, and tells his family, who immediately grow concerned about his mental health. This becomes more apparent when they end up sectioning him in a mental institution; much to Adams struggling, only fuelling their theory their son has lost his mind.

Adam soon escapes the institution thanks to an old lady who believes everything he’s said, claiming she too has had the vision. Once out, Adam’s situation grows even more distracted and dangerous as the institution and the police hunt him.

Adam becomes a fugitive, desperate for the world to hear him out without labelling him as an insane person. He tries to get everyone to push aside their ignorance and understand the human race is under huge threat and that there is only a short amount of time left to stop the end of the world. Adam creates strong allies and even stronger enemies, but whom can he really trust? And who really believes him?

And the big question: Can the end of the world really be stopped? Will it really end?


If anyone is interested in co-writing this story with me... comment! I'd really like to make this into a lengthy graphic novel. I've featured my art on here before, but if anyone would like a taste of what my sort of style is, check out

I like the general idea, but everything is very new and the characters still need developing. All I've really got covered is Adam, but I'd like a love interest, maybe someone who truely believes Adam and is willing to help him in his 'mission' towards getting the world aware of what God has planned.

God, btw, isn't some old man in a robe with a beard. I'm thinking some cool business man, bald and young. Something quirky. I don't want it to be overly religious, but maybe tap onto the idea that God really doesn't care too much about us and that he sees us as a 'waste of energy'.

What do people think?
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