L. Nichols (wormulus) wrote in comicart,
L. Nichols

Post-apocalyptic retrofuture

Hey everyone! I am so excited about this comic I've been doing lately and I wanted to share. It's set in post-apocalyptic NYC in the year 2003 and is called Angel. It's inspired by 70s and 80s action movies/comics. I was inspired by the feeling of being a kid and seeing these movies that are like "In the year 2010 when humanity has been decimated by...." and you're all "wow! 2010 is so far away!" But, you know, it's not. So it's like 75% tribute, 25% poking fun of these various tropes. It's totally meant to be ridiculous, know it's ridiculous, and still be ok with being ridiculous.

Anyway. So far, it's been a page a day, M-F on my website. I'm past page 50 now, so enough to give you a feeling and good run-in for the story if you start from the beginning. It'll keep being updated M-F until it's finished (I'm guessing 150+ pages total).


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