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The Escape (Working Title)

Hey guys

Behind the cut I have a story I'd like to turn into a graphic novel.

It's pretty original and I reckon it'd be an independant hit once released. I need a writer who'd be up for joining forces with me and penning out a decent few first chapters, etc.

The Escape is an indepth look at those horror stories you hear about the cult that hide away in the woods, build a perfect lifestyle, all wear white robes and then suddenly kill themselves by either O.Ding, or shooting each other in the head.

We've all heard of them, theres that famous one in the early 90's, theres the few that happened towards the beginning of the turn of the millenium, and there's one I read about that was more unheard of that happened a few years ago... and it kinda inspired me to write this graphic novel.

I want the story to concentrate around a central character called Joshua, who is an 18 year old, average kid living with his 2 sisters and parents in an ideal, subhurban American town. The family are Christians, the parents more religious and strict with their views than the children, all of which are quite rebellious, Joshua being into soft drugs and drinking, the sisters being a bit spoilt.

Being dragged to church every sunday isn't fun, but when a new priest comes to town, things start changing. The priest is quite strict, yet friendly and respectable. He has a real image idea for the town, a dream that things will be better than they ever have been, ever will be. After worming his way into the towns peoples hearts, he suggests the idea of peace on earth is easier to acheive than most people thing... he comes up with an idea to build a small town in some deserted field-land in the middle of the mountains. A little community for all those who want new rules, new life, new guidance... all leading to peace, happiness and the 'most perfect reward'. The Reward is kept a secret, but as gossip spreads it becomes clear that it's eternal life with 'Christ Himself'.

All this religios talk gets the son a little concerned, and he has nothing to do with the sudden 'peace' craze that's going around town. But the priest is powerful and persuasive, and Josh's parents soon fall under his spell, tempted by the promise of peace and happiness, no more bills, loans, rent ... just returning to the old traditional way of life. Where the parents go, Josh goes... not wanting to loose his family.

When they arrive in this large empty field in the middle of nowhere, wooden dorms have been put up and a caravan office is in place. Everyone is oblivious to whats about to happen, except Josh, who sees this as them walking into a lifetime of hard work. Straight away they are ordered to go by plans and start building this perfect town. Women and children are put through the same gruelling hard labour as the men, and after weeks of work the Priest isn't letting down. What was promised to be a perfect getaway has soon become Auschwitz Part 2... with guns at the ready and people being shot by the Priests commanders if things aren't done quick enough.

People, still blinded by the promise of tranquility, continue to go a long with everything, and it's up to Josh to remove the blind from their eyes and get everyone to safety.

What follows is a gruelling story of secrecy, mystery, chaos, tension and horrible loss. The utter need for Josh to explain and try to persuade people that this is dangerous and awful and wrong is interesting and captivating enough, but the idea of on top of that we have death and carnage is just GREAT!

The ending will be bloody and gory, with Josh escaping to the outside world. I'd like to include some sort of paranormal hint to it as well... maybe the promise at the end of the Priests reign really does happen?

What do you guys think?

Any questions, get back to me on here or email me at
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