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This is a community for the appreciation of artistic comics and the artists and writers that create them. Its especially for those creators who push the envelope or just go that extra mile to make comics a creative art form ^_^. So join and talk about your favorite comics or share pictures and links. Which comics truly deserve to be classics? Who knows, you might find something new and great to read ^_^.
Also feel free to discuss the good and bad points of comics in general as well. How do you feel about the comics world today, and what's being put out? Critiques, reviews, and opinions are welcome here, and I respect each persons' as long as it isn't forced on anyone else. If anyone would like to write up a review, I'd love you ^_^. I'll post a general outline of how I do it shortly.

If I'm missing any important titles or creators just let me know and I'll add to the interests list. You can also talk about manga here some although this is primarialy a list about English-based comics, I do acknowledge its influence here and enjoy it myself (there's plenty of other manga communities for just manga talk however.)
For visitors to livejournal note that anyone can comment on posts, but only livejournal users can make new posts (sorry.)

Each month I'll highlight a different artist, writer, or series...
Artist/Writer of the Month: Dan Brereton
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Previous Creators of the Month:
David Mack

Lucifer: Devil in the Gateway TPB vol. 1 (Mike Carey, Scott Hampton, Chris Weston, James Hodgkins, Daniel Vozzo; Vertigo) by kitsune_rei
Shounen Jump (various; Viz) by riskygamble
Sky Between Branches #0 (Joshua Middleton; Com.x) by kitsune_rei

Current Recommendations from Previews (a thick magazine of upcoming releases published monthly.)

Some good comic publishers (ie places that put out more good stuff than bad):
Cartoon Books
Dark Horse
Green Man Press
Slave Labor Graphics
Oni Press
Feel free to suggest additions, I'm sure there's more good companies out there I'm not thinking of right now...

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